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Mexican(s)(Don’t Ice Fish) Rice

1 1/3 bell peppers (mix it up; red + yellow, green + orange, green + red & YELLOW)
1/3 of white onion
1 chilie in adobo sauce
Lime juice
Chicken broth
1 (113g) can of green chilies
1 (220g) can of El Pato® brand tomato sauce
1 tablespoon tomato paste
1/2 cup of water
2 cups of rice
Olive oil

Start by cooking the rice. Cook the rice a few minutes shy of directions.
While the rice is cooking, heat oil and saute the onions for 5 mins. Add peppers and chili in adobo sauce, stir and cook for another 2ish minutes. Splash in a reasonable amount of tequila, stir, and cook out booze. Add a few good squirts of lime juice, stir and reduce heat to simmer. Add Tomato sauce, green chilies and water, stir in and cover. When the rice is almost done cooking, add to your mix. Add chicken broth and stir till completely mixed. Recover and cook on low till rice is done and all the saucy goodness has been absorbed by the rice. Serve with tacos and Canadian beer from a blue can.

People say bacon make everything better, and most of them die of heart disease. However, they would be right with this recipe. Cook bacon to a crispy crisp before hand. Cut or crumble up the bacon and set aside. Add bacon bits to mix after you stir in rice. Double Bonus: cook onions in bacon grease instead of olive oil.



Thai basil chicken sitch.

Red pepper
2 Thai basil freezer cubes
Ground ginger
Green cock chili paste
Coconut milk
Olive oil
Lime juice
Soy sauce
Corn starch
Rice, or rice type substance

This is supposed to be cooked in a wok, but do what you can. Sear chicken, add onion, pepper – cooks some more. Add basil, ginger, chili paste, lime juice, soy sauce. Cook some more, then add coconut milk. Bring to boil, and then simmer. Cook rice item. Add cornstarch/cold water mix to chicken mix and let thicken. Add mix to rice, garnish with regular cock sauce and lime wedges.