Yearly Archives: 2009

What you missed in November

Las Vegas: Pinball Hall of Fame

The only game I was able to get a replay on, also the greatest pinball game ever.

If this game wasn’t loud as shit, Ted wouldn’t have put his name on it.

I don’t care how many times you’ve played the Wii version of this, you will not do as well as you think.

Sexy Godless Metal

The calm came after the storm in North Minneapolis. Instead of getting stabbed, or robbed, there were bikers in spandex, and a babbling brook.


There was also enough Hell Lager to drown the goat, the guy with the knife, and anyone else in a close proximity.

Surly Darkness Festival – 2009.
God Came From Space.

These guys are about as rad as rad can be, and the kids seem to enjoy them as well.

A guy walks into an office.

A guy walks into an office carrying two things; a collapsible lunch cooler in his hand, and an idea that is going to change the world.

Guy: You know Myspace right?
Office Guy: Sure…
G: What’s another name for it,
OG: Ah, social networking site, website, web page, domain name…
G: Ya, web page, that has something to do with H…
OG: HTML, yes.
G: So if I wanted to do that myself I’d need to..?
OG: Hire someone to do it for you, unless you know anything about web design. Do You.
G: No, but it will be a lot cheaper if I do it myself right?
OG: …sure, but…
G: Cause I got ideas man, ideas that are going to change some shit.
OG …it will take you ten times longer than…
G: Ya, like 1 or 2 years.

OG: Get the fuck out of here.