Not so Thursday

Way to go Tinkerbell. That’s you Chris, you’re Tinkerbell, at least for today.

Anybody want a rusty Foosball table, or a rad ass 35mm Camera?
Frumpy, it appears that you do not want that palm back as badly as you and your man originally said you did. Offer’s still on the table.


It amazes me, that for almost 8 years, I had in my possession an empty 1.75 of Jose Boot-Water that contained a 497 piece puzzle of some jackass climbing a palm tree.

4 thoughts on “Not so Thursday

  1. Wooty

    sorry to shit in you’re wheaties, you can blame that on the ard. for some reason the bottle of cuervo and the peanut jar dont surprise me at all

  2. Wooty

    no you didnt ben, but the second picture down was of a peanut jar filled with shit, that you have had as long as the bUt piss tequila. and i said i wasnt surprised, you don’t pat attention to other people do you

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