Fast & Ass

Last Friday proved once again that if you don’t have anything to do in Minneapolis, all you have to do is hang around downtown until you run into someone you know that likes to drink whiskey.

On this particular Friday night there happened to be a bike race going on – spandex and everything. Which is always a treat to see gangs of ladies walking around in biker shorts downtown who aren’t overweight black women, or ladies that turn out to be guys.

Here they are on the track:
girl butt

The women rode 25 laps around the .8 mile course of which the straight-away was down tenth right past the local. Which ended up being another plus – drinking beer purchased at the Local on the side walk nowhere near the Local. The guys rode 40 laps, and where averaging about 30 mph.

I think one of these guys won it:

Somewhere toward the middle of the guys race, some lady turned to the Irish Rasta, and told him he should move because he’s not cheering, therefore was not into the race. To which he replied, “Um…we all rode our bikes here, how’d you get here?”
Little bit later a bunch of kids came up and wanted to see so we let them in and squeezed the lady out.


Couple of things to note about the above picture:
1. The little kids Obama hat, to which he had a matching shirt.
2. Phantom blue streak
3. Child in the foregrounds hair – caused by the blue streak.