California here I come.

After this week I will no longer reside in the hood. I’ll have a clean apartment sans everything dog. The ping-pong table and foose will be coming, as well as the new edition of a big ass tv (like Bauer’s), squishy man couch and a Wii. This new gem of an apartment is also less than 3 blocks away from Psycho Susies 1/2 priced Whiskey on Thursdays

This means there is no excuse for any of you bastards not to come over.

No more creepiness.
No more gangstas.
No more filth!

boomBLAMO! bitches.

4 thoughts on “California here I come.

  1. Anonymous

    damnit, i always wanted to watch the gangstas fuck some one up like serious ass beat down, you should find that descendents CD too


  2. richardSandwich

    I think they were a bunch of posers.
    I left one day to drive my sisters car back down to the AV, and they were all in the street talking shit to each other. I came back 3 hours later and they were still in the street talking shit. No one was dead, shot, punched, or stomped. Posers I tell you, posers.

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