Red Beard and Green Drunken Day Duece

Technically, it is that day of days.  The one time of year where you can get black-out wasted and blame anything you did on the Irish.  I don’t know much about St. Patrick’s Day, historically I’ve not been Irish, or at least not known about it.  It has only been till recently I found that out.  Chalk it up to coincidence I guess.  Who else grows a big red beard right as their mother is neck deep in their genealogy.

How did the Irish get pegged as the biggest drunks around, or at least have the booziest holiday?  What about the Germans, the Italians, or the Russians?

I don’t remember what I did last St. Patrick’s day, or the one before.  But I think SPD-04, BD and I tried to see how many different types of Gin we could drink.(So very Irish)  I ended up spraining my ankle, and almost getting fired from the job I just got hired on at.  Another SPD event I was just reminded of by BlueBoober, was the all day hungover fiasco where I was drug around puking in a juice bottle.  Great fun.

Anyway, I’m babbling and full of Pabst.

6 thoughts on “Red Beard and Green Drunken Day Duece

  1. Wooty

    i thought the best st pattys day was when we got hammer wasted at the ards when we were still in high school and shroomed. thats when you had that fucking afro ass mop and we have the picture of you laughing your ass off at the kitchen table playing with a big ass green flashlight, wearing the pony vest

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