Mother Nature is a stone cold bitch. ┬áSeriously, what kind of person rallies the hopes and dreams of a whole state into some kind of pants-less euphoric wonderland – then the second you turn around to enjoy your slackless freedom, you get kicked so hard in the nuts you end up loosing an eye.

On a somewhat lighter note – I ate 40lbs of sushi last night out of a boat, and didn’t spend one dime. ┬áSometimes I miss corporate America. ┬áNot really.



Nothing quenches the thirst quite like free beer.

6 thoughts on “Enchiladas

  1. don't call me MA'AM

    I agree about Mother Nature. Getting snowed in one’s own house sucks rope.

    40lbs of sushi???? Did you puke afterward? That’s a lot of food!

    Now I’m hungry for sushi, and I can’t even get out of my farging house!

  2. Wooty

    im sorry fuck sushi, my love for corporate america would hinder towards the booze. and the snow storm
    got me out of work early so i liked that but the fact that i have to drive in it in the morning makes my face sad

  3. Margus

    why are you looking through his window?

    Stuck in the house DC3M – I think it’s time to break out the risk board.

  4. Wooty

    a kid named after a state with biceps the size of your thighs that eats ears of corn hole was hitting on your mother last night. i dont know what this world is coming to i just dont

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