7-7 or Trash Can Spider

It’s all tied up now babies – I’ve got the paddle.

So I just downloaded the new Incubus album – Light Gernades.  I’m 0:00.41 into it, and I’m already dissapointed.  I didn’t like the last one, so my hopes aren’t too high for this one.
—Two songs have now passed.  When did Incubus turn into whiney emo queers?  Seriously, what the fuck happened?
· sub question: Is it better to burn out, or fade away?

I couldn’t make it pass the 6th or 7th song.  For anybody who used to like the Bus, do not buy this album – it’s garabage.

4 thoughts on “7-7 or Trash Can Spider

  1. Sung Sook

    I wasn’t aware that Incubus had a history of not being whiney emo queers. Learn something new everyday.

    You won the paddie in what? Stockards?

  2. Chris Nelson

    not that you ever listen to an opinion other than your own but i thought the album was good, better than crow left. i think that you were spoiled by the greatness that was science, the beatles albums help and yesterday and today were followed up by revolver. that album was horrible i wouldnt shoot my girlfriend to that album and its named after a fucking handgun. always keep in mind, led zepplin didnt always make music everyone liked they left that to the bejees

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