Half the Kitchen is pissed at Fidel

So I finally saw Snakes on a Plane.  Calling it a good movie would be doing it, and all other movies like it a great disservice.  Movies like Snakes on a Plane, Nailgun Massacre, Frogs and Slumber Pary Massacre III are not good movies, they’re fucking awesome movies.  With lines like, “Off the car big tits,” or “I think he’s here to kill us.” you really can’t go wrong.  So break out the Jager and Micheolob Golden Light cause it’s time for Trashy Movie night.

Last night I re-fell in love with drinking beer in the shower.  I can’t say what exactly it is about drinking beer in the shower that is so great, but man it’s awesome.

So my three week bender, as it has become, comes to an end today.  Which isn’t all that bad, because I probably wouldn’t last another week.  So back to school and hanging out with computer animation nerds.  When I get my camera back from Giles I’ll post some pics from….wait, no there on my laptop – anyway pics from DC soon.

4 thoughts on “Half the Kitchen is pissed at Fidel

  1. Linsay

    Dude. You’ve GOT to watch “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble” with me, starring John Travolta. I got it for Christmas. It is HILARIOUS.

  2. Chris Nelson

    hey ive seen all of those except frogs if j rock would possibly let me borrow it i could reapy her with a slumber party semi marathon, numbers 1 and 3… and if anything in this world were to come back to a spot on our weekly calander it should most certainly be trashy movie night, we could bring it in for the real thing and watch pink flamingos

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