Yearly Archives: 2007

Small town witch

You’re going to mess me up.

Which isn’t exactly true, since there’s no witch, and no real small town around here for miles. Unless you count Lilydale, but who the fuck have you ever met from Lilydale.


Ask and you shall receive

No telling how long this has been up on the tube, but for some reason I decided to look for it tonight. One of the greatest songs ever.

An A·A+Y-S/R = Addendum.

The ping-pong table is now ready for you to be destroyed on.


Balls. Trying to pass the time here in the car, but this phone-web thing is tricky. So let’s just say nobody missed much – execpt that half a dead deer with part of a soccer mom sticking to it.

What part of fuck off don't you understand?

God-damn I’m in a salty mood today, and I’m even wearing a pink shirt.
Next Sunday – Joe’s Garage. All are invited, and none may leave sober.

Actually not next Sunday. But even better – tis the season for getting older.
Who’s coming to the titty bar with me?


Death to IKEA

And apologies to Fritz and Cher. It’s been awhile, and it’s only appropriate to come back after something, as our dear friend Chris might put it, RIDONCULOUS. Who cares about 4″ Asian girls or $100 bills, this is clearly about comfort. Not the comfort of knowing that the burial mound of old clothes is gone, but the fact that it’s 5am, and knowing that if I didn’t vacate, there probably could have been a story about a magical forest – however unimpressive it might have been.

-gangstas make the world go round.

California here I come.

After this week I will no longer reside in the hood. I’ll have a clean apartment sans everything dog. The ping-pong table and foose will be coming, as well as the new edition of a big ass tv (like Bauer’s), squishy man couch and a Wii. This new gem of an apartment is also less than 3 blocks away from Psycho Susies 1/2 priced Whiskey on Thursdays

This means there is no excuse for any of you bastards not to come over.

No more creepiness.
No more gangstas.
No more filth!

boomBLAMO! bitches.