Cantilevers, Life Jackets, Darkness and Sliders

Let me start by saying that I need to take the trash out.  There’s meat in there that’s starting to smell.

Any fucking way let’s get on to the real point here:
I ride my bike in traffic all the fucking time.  By law I’m allowed to, and in some cases supposed to.  I must obey all the same traffic laws that cars do (which I might not always adhere to).  There are bike lanes on major streets here in Minneapolis…

So why the fuck can’t I ride my bike through a Wendy’s drive through at 11pm on a Tuesday night?!  And sober none the less.  I don’t want be mad at Wendy’s – I really don’t, but fuck, I had to go to White Castle.  Not that they would have let me ride through either – they’re just still open.

And why the fuck are 5 video stores out of 10+ copies of Run Lola Run?!  Out of the 30 or so people in Intro to Video, I highly doubt that 10 of them live in this area, and even if they did I have even higher doubts that any of those pasty nerds would venture into the Lake Street Blockbuster to find it.

So in conclusion, I’m writing this instead of doing homework, and I ate White Castle that I paid for, for the first time tonight.  Now I must either; Go take a shit, or go to sleep.

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