save the clock tower.

3 weeks ago some jack-ass took the Raleigh out of commission.
2 weeks ago I can’t remeber if anything exciting happend
1 week ago, as you know Ween played ( V )
and 1 minute ago I just saw the greatest advertisment ever.

7 thoughts on “save the clock tower.

  1. Chris Nelson

    you d bag they were too at the beach aaron called me at like 430 to ask me why i hadnt showed up yet and that they were leaving. if jake dies in a horrible plane crash or is ubducted or something i hope his ghost haunts you forever and by making you drop andbreak everything that comes in contact with your hands.

  2. Margus

    Mr. Timberlake – that’s not the story I heard, and if Jake haunted me, it’d be more along the lines of hearing phish at 4:30 when my stereo was off.

    Winstons are all natural ( whatever that means ) so why not 🙂

  3. don't call me MA'AM

    That’s why all the people in Bedrock, along with their dinosaurs, died out… they all got lung cancer and died. Awwwww! And the ones that didn’t die had to walk around carrying an oxygen tank on the head of an alligator-powered cart. It was very sad.