Whatch out for that killer gecko Mr. Virgil Earp!


Ok, so now that that is posted for whaterver reason, on to something that is just shy of greatness.  Chris I’m looking for you on this one. (Nail Gun Massacre, what?!)

I just watched a very fine film entitled:
Killer Frogs

What do you get, when you mix a 70’s style teenhart throb/sorta badass Enviromentalist (chest rug and all), the clampetts crossed with whatever the family name was on Dallas or Knott’s Landing and more mind controlling frogs than you can put in a barrell and shoot?

Absolute Hilarity.  First of all, the frogs don’t control human minds, they control the minds of their reptilian brothers (and spiders).  I think this, and this is an important part, because I might have made this up in my own mind whilst I was watching the movie.  The title of the movie is FROGS!, which we are lead to believe are killer.  Not at any point in the movie did I see frogs killing anybody.  The first guy was killed by a bunch of spiders.  On of the best parts was when this guy is getting “attacked” by a alligator, which in all actuality was him wrestling with a pool toy.

Now I don’t want to give away the whole movie, (I think he’s here to kill us) because something of this caliber can only be truly appreciated first hand.  So next time your at Wallmart buying cheap tampons or shotgun shells – check out the $4.99 movie bin, you could be in for a real treat.

edit:I forgot crustaceans on the list of minds controlled by the FROGS!

7 thoughts on “Whatch out for that killer gecko Mr. Virgil Earp!

  1. Sung Sook

    Oh man, I’ve been DYING to see Frogs ever since I saw it on Jarilyn’s shelf. Now that I know there are crustaceans in the movie I REALLY have to see it…

  2. Sung Sook

    Dude, I’ve been trying to arrange a reunion FOREVA and you keep changing plans on me. Like I said last time I talked to you, give me a call.

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