Cardinal Sin

So I was about ten feet away from Taco Johns today, ready to eat some grubbin ass lunch when it hit me.  The Spicy Chicken Crunch Wrap Supreme from Taco Hell had snuck into my brain, and lured me away from Taco Johns.  Two words for that piece of shite..


Let me preface what I’m about to say with this, I don’t mind Taco Bell – the Cheesy Gordita Crunch was the bomb.  But when consuming the TB, one must adhere to the rule of three.  Three items off of the menu should be all that is ordered, otherwise you usually end up in a world of hurt.

Today was no different, 1 SCCWS and 2 softshell tacos, and man-o-man what a dissapointment.  The Spicy Chicken Crunch Wrap Supreme is complete garbage, there is hardly any chicken, it’s nowhere near spicy(this isn’t a big surprise) and it’s not that crunchy.  So please, learn from my “brainwashed by advertisements” mistake and steer clear of the Spicy Chicken Crunch Wrap Supreme.

Next on the list, that crazy bowl of shit from KFC.

One thought on “Cardinal Sin

  1. don't call me MA'AM

    Huzzah! I finally found someone who agrees with me about Taco Smell. I love Taco Johns, but you won’t catch me walking into Taco Smell… ever. My husband, of course, totally loves the place.

    I’m not sure that we can stay together over this one. 😉

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