Daily Dose of Spam

I’m back and I’ve eaten my alotted amount of Spam for the year.  The trip was awesome; the weather was out of control – 90+ everyday with clear skies, we caught two big ass snapping turtles, fished a little, ate a shit ton of food, went swimming everyday more than twice, the mosquitos were nowhere to be found during the day, but came out in force at sunset.  Enough talk.

my defense against the blazing sun, call me rockbar jones.

this little bastard ended up breaking into my stash of sunflower seeds and eating a good helping of them, lucky for him we forgot the wrist-rockets.

Two snapping turtles in one sitting, we almost ate one of them.

here’s a close up of the big one.

aren’t we clever – walking on water and all that shit.

this is the only picture I have of my kayak – it’s the green one.

this guy was hanging out in some weeds in the middle of the lake.  He put up a good fight, but hung out while I freed him from the trebles.

8 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Spam

  1. lunchboxbrain

    Word. That tree shot (as well as the others) is tight. Good work. Looking at these got me stoked for my own camping trip next weekend. Me, the wife and our pug. Spamtastic!

  2. Margus

    thanks kids.
    What the hell is there to EEK! about a kayak for G&T?

    Gmans have a good time on your trip. Make sure to keep pugsy safe from bears and large racoons.

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