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So I ran across a blog today written by a man, that has the exact same name as my uncle, looks exactly like him, probably very similar in age and who has a father whose name is the same as my grandfather. Coincidence………I think, well probably but while I was downtown this evening I spotted a man who looked exactly like my aunt’s (same side of the family) new husband.  Same beard, same manner of dress and he was also toting around a canon digital SLR with a wicked telephoto on it – aunt’s husband is a professional photographer and writer.  Two seperate uncle coincidences in one day, strange – but not as strange as how much my other uncle (same side) looks like Chevy Chase.

To make things even stranger, this is the first image on google with a “Uncle Coincidence” search:

I was looking at bike parts online today.

5 thoughts on “Uncle Tom's Blog

  1. don't call me MA'AM

    I’ve lived in the midwest long enough to see that all the white people just start to look the same after a while. All these Scandinavian/Czech/German heritages have basically blended together… and everyone just looks the same. That’s my theory. And I agree that it’s a sign that the world is going to end soon.

  2. Margus

    end of the world my ass you two. It’s not like he was advertising marshmallow fluff as well 😀

    creepy indeed caryn – howdy!

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