80 some miles on bike, faith in humanity, Happy Apple and sleeping in a barn.

June 17-18: Solstice Fest, Square Lake Minnesota

Hot damn, hot damn what a weekend.
First off – mark your calendars for next year: Solstice Festival

Saturday morning at 11 am Kest, K O B and myself met up at oneonone to join fellow bikers on the ride out to Square Lake.  We were headed to the Gateway trail in St. Paul which would take us most of the way there.

There was a pretty decent crowd, including some youngins on tiny mountain bikes. The ride there took around three hours – but we kinda poked around through St. Paul keeping everyone together.  Once we got on the trail we kicked it into gear and made it there around 3 (I think, because I don’t think I looked at a clock all weekend).  Once we got there, we decided to head to Marina on the St. Croix to get supplies and some grub.  It turned out to be 7 miles away instead of the 3.5 we had thought.  This turned out to be a bad move on my part, because by the time we got there I felt like I was going to die. (heat stroke, dehydrated) So thank god for Crissy, Chrisian, Elie and Lauren, fellow patrons of the festival that were also in Marina on the St. Croix.  The offered to give me a ride back, and my bike fit in their car.  So thank you, thank you, thank you.  I might be over reacting, but if I had to ride back I probably would have died.

When I got back via these good samaritans, I took a nap, watched some movies and re-hydrated just in time for Happy Apple.  Once again, thank you!  Because Happy Apple is not something you should miss if you get the chance.

Dave King on the kit:

After Happy Apple rocked the barn..Oh I forgot to tell you that they played in this barn because of the weather.  Actually it was the top of a barn that used to be on the house that is on the land, but they took it off and moved it to be it’s own deal.  So after Happy Apple, there was some more movies and then, LOW.

I’d never seen Low before, but had heard them on the current alot, and saw a little bit of the Retribution Gospel Choir once before a Robotboy show.  Any whoos, low is really fucking good.  So after Low, some more movies.

Now it’s late, like 1am or so and Kest decides he’s going to bike home, since our ride never showed up.  The K O B and I were not up for riding home in the pitch black with no lights and completely burnt out from the days events.  To wrap this up, Kest left, the K O B and I ended up sleeping in the barn where Happy Apple and Low played, after we met so ladies that got us high.

The next morning we set out for breakfast in Stillwater

It’s all down hill into Stillwater, so naturally going back was all up hill.  Thank god we ate at some fancy hotel that was having all you could eat breakfast buffett.  The ride back was long, but awesome.  I’ve got so many blisters on my feet it’s sick.

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