Speaking of Ween.

Jay’s Boat Car

I think this is the first time I’ve been sober enough at one of their shows to make it through a whole set. ┬áThese guys play everything you want to hear – this one’s Ween. The JBC will rock your freaking socks off, from original tunes which are sprinkled with jazz, funk, blues, rock and the ever elusive jam – to playing covers you might actually want to hear [cough]War Pigs[/cough]

And speaking of Ween – Get your tickets now MFERS. ┬áTheir coming back to Minni, but for some reason not back to First Ave.?

anyone with a canon sd#00 – don’t use the fast frame rate when shooting video, it sucks.

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Ween.

  1. Chris Nelson

    hey jack ass did you get my message about the fifth of july, cool waters, yonder mountian, m m w, particle, wilco, mike doughty, and foreigner that shit would be fucking insane