Look at all this time I've wasted

That’s right folks it’s been one FUCKING year.  And I find it mildy amusing that my blogging anniversary falls on 420.  The one day just about anyone can get away with smoking pot and I start a blog, coincidence…….actually it was.

I had grander visions of my first anniversary post, but as I sit here hungover from last night – not in class where I should be, I would like to take a moment to thank all the regular contributors, call all the non commenting lurkers Dirty SV’s and ask Beth Gibbons to marry me.

So now I’d ask all of yalls to help me out.  I’m learning PHP in school, and if you would all be so kind to answer a question for me it would help me out alot.  The best answer will receive a prize, and if you actually guess what it is you get 500,000 points.


8 thoughts on “Look at all this time I've wasted

  1. jurgen nation

    Your name is Ben? I really thought it was Margus.

    Is it a picture of the Devil’s eyeball? (This is why I was fun taking all my volunteer Rorschach Tests. I see weird shit.)

  2. Margus

    sure is Jurgen but wouldn’t it be sweet if it was Margus. Not sure if I’m cool enough for a name like that.

    not-fabulous at all richy – not at all.

  3. don't call me MA'AM

    a) sweet knees. All scabby goodness.

    b)I also like “Dirty Hippie Ben.”

    c)It’s a fiber optic shot of the internal lining of the stomach… with a raging acid gusher ulcer.

  4. Anonymous

    I think Benji/Neb stuck his camera up his ass while he was home nursing his hangover. That’s my guess. Its the inside of Ben’s pooper. It must be on code red. Getting ready to sell business to the toilet!


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