I just got kicked out of a bar (a bar wich I’ve never liked) because I had my bag on.  I JUST RODE HERE ON MY FUCKING BIKE.  Can you put it somewhere – no.  Well fuck you then, and fuck your five door men and the guy collecting the a cover for not mentioning this in the first fucking place.  ANd fuck my fucking computer.  It won’t recognize my network or the dual switch for the keyboard and the mouse.

if you can’t tell I’m pissed off.  That and the fact that there are three people staying in my ONE bedroom apartment this weekend.


4 thoughts on “FUCK!

  1. Anonymous

    haha, was it DRINK? that place blows..
    and any bar like that one, fuckin yuppies. go back to the burbs!! and take your cheesy bars with you!!!!

  2. don't call me MA'AM

    What? Did they think you had a bag bomb or something? That’s so very lame.

    We have two extra rooms here… if yours gets too crowded. But you have to ride your bike all the way to my house.

  3. Neuro

    Wow..that royally sucks. A lot of people are just stupid and out to be a pain in the ass. All over a damn bag. Ridiculous.

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