The one thing that I have yet to figure out is why Minneapolis doesn’t have a Disc Golf course, I mean Apple Valley has one.  It’s not like they don’t have the park space for it, or the money to build one.  Probably has something to do with drunk bums or something of that nature.  St. Paul has a course (Highland Park), or at least they did up until about two falls ago.  They completely re-did the course last year with cedar chips around the baskets and cement tee boxes!  Something that I complained about regularly when I was teeing off in three inches of mud.  Anyway they completely re-did the course, but for some reason forgot to put up the baskets.  Everything was tip-top – but yet there the park sat, sans baskets.  Mark my words, If they are not up this year I am going to be fucking pissed.  For one, it’s the nicest park anywhere close to Minneapolis, and two, the actual closest park to Minneapolis got taken down last year because of some crazy ass project the city of Minnetonka decided was nessecary at Lone Lake.  I really hope one of these two parks gets put back up this year, because if they don’t it will be a moving SUV and drunk bum disc golf summer.

6 thoughts on “Pre-season

  1. don't call me MA'AM

    My college campus had one. It was rather amusing to sit and watch passers-by get beaned in the head with a flying disc. And the resulting fury of the golfer who was going to end up with a bogey because of it. 😉

  2. Brian

    We have about a dozen nice courses here in Portland.

    As soon as the weeather clears, I’ll be setting up disc catcher in my back yard…

  3. Margus

    Red Oak is a Disc graveyard. It’s probably one of the worst courses in Minnesota. With the knee high grass in the fairway and the fucking jungle grows off of it, there is rarely a game played there that doesn’t result in a lost disc. That and the fact it’s in Burnsvilee.

  4. jurgen nation

    That’s a gorgeous picture. Second, and I don’t know how this helps you, Ann Arbor has about 40 of them. I’m exaggerating, but only a little bit. I live next door to one. I can play a game in your name, perhaps? Doesn’t help, does it. Shit.

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