Friday – Nothing to Do.

Apparently Stussy is still around and making clothing, and for some reason that fasinates me.  Let’s step into the way-back-machine for a second.  The year is 1994, and the setting is Valley Middle School.  On any given day, if I remember correctly, 80% of the student body had on their own animal adorned stussy t-shirt.  Rarely did two students have the exact same shirt; 1. Because there was a plethora of unique designs and colors.  2. If two students happen to have the same shirt, there would be a very lame attempt at an argument about who got it first and thus who was cooler.  Rendering the loser a poser, and the losers parents out $12, becasue the shirt would probably never be worn again.

I bring this up for two reasons.  One, it’s Friday, and I’ve been sitting infront of my computer all day trying not to spend any money or end up at the bar.  Two, my brand new – four hour long, literature class started yesterday (6pm – 10pm), and aside from the time span it seems like it will be a good class.  The instructor is younger, and high spirited – which is always good when the subject matter has the potential to be less than exicting.  Anyway we were talking about the importance of context when reading literature, and had us write a response to a question that he asked us, “What type of contextual knowledge would someone in the future need to know about our society to properly understand our literature.”  Of course I wrote about consumerism, and it’s death grip on society.  So as I sit here and eat my CHEEZ-IT’s infront of my VIEWSONIC monitor while I listen my SONY stereo that’s plugged into my GATEWAY computer that is running ITUNES and write about my old STUSSY shirt I realize I don’t have a pot to piss in when it comes to talking shit about consumerism.

8 thoughts on “Friday – Nothing to Do.

  1. Hi-Five!

    Consumerism is a nasty web that only few are able to avoid. But it is fun to bitch about.

    I once got into an argument with a kid on the bus about the pronunciation of Stussy. He said it was “Stussy” like “fussy.” I conteded that it was “Stussy” like “noose-y” due to the accent over the “u” (the one that’s used for the word “uber”–I don’t know what its called). We legitimately argued for the entire bus ride home, and it got pretty heated. Probably because we had fought one another earlier in the year, and there was still bad blood. Or we were lame. I’m not sure.

  2. Jake

    Great post! It’s easy to forget how tied we are to things when we use them everyday. Heck that even gives us an excuse to get new products from time to time. Do we really need most of these things to live? Not really but could we live without them, probably not. Culture has turned everyone into money hungry, materialistic crazy people. Everyone is always itching for the newest thing. The “in” thing. With technology advancing faster and faster, it’s only seconds before the next big thing. Is it really our own fault for being this way? In some ways, yes. In other ways, no. Afer all it’s the pattern that is engrained into us from birth. The grip is tight and I don’t think there is any way they will loosen it anytime soon.

  3. morealyera

    well said! Sounds like a tough class!

    Materialism can get its hands on anybody ince in a while, but I think you’re pretty safe overall – I bet you’d be just as content living in a hut on the beach*

    * as long as it had internet access:)

  4. jurgen nation

    Oh, that’s not bad AT ALL. Some women I know go fucking crazy buying fake purses and jewelry. I’m told that one woman I know not only does that (which I already knew), but is driving a FAKE PORSHE.

    At that point one wonders who for whom they’re doing it?

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