Beat up by a 1rst Grader

4 days sans computer nerding out is a great way to spend one’s pseudo spring break.  Worthington, Minnesota – once the Turkey capital of the U.S. now a center for immigration from around the world and home town to a very good friend.  These were all taken on a farm 6 miles outside of Worthington.  It’s a pretty surreal feeling to wake up on a couch – look out the window and see nothing but farmland.  Not that I haven’t see that much farmland before, but to know that you slept in the middle of it, with absolutely nothing around you, but you slept on a couch and have a dvd player infront of you is not exactly the norm for this city kid.

9 thoughts on “Beat up by a 1rst Grader

  1. morealyera

    oh the poor deer…

    I like the one with the springy looking rusty wire things.

    Is the April Fools Joke that I can’t comment on that post? Cause you got me to try it 3 times if that’s the case. 😮

  2. Earl

    Looks like fricken’ Texas Chain Saw Masacre or House of 1,000 Corpses. Creepy middle of nowhere. But you know I love it. I am almost nowhere.

  3. Anonymous

    Ben – I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this but, You are a great photographer!!. Seriously, all of your pictures rock, you have a great eye for what makes an interesting photo.

  4. Margus

    yes brian, I was camping with my dvd player.

    Thank you very much 2nd (not b) anonymous. I would be lying if I said you were the first, but definitely the first in a while.

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