Drinks Too Much

So today I’ve really had the negative effect of not carrying my camera around with me………

………………………………sorry having some really weird deja vu lately. Anyway things that I missed taking pictures of today in reverse chronological order.

1. The snow pile that smelt like waffels or something breakfasty on the ride home from the bar.
2. Look on the face of Wiley the bartender when he explained that male witches were also called witches, not warlocks. Because warlocks are sadistic beings that only perform evil.
3.Craig Kilborn was the original host of the Daily Show – no picture here, just letting everybody know.
4. Dave – dude that I just met from AI who was passed out in the bathroom at Mckenzies.

6 thoughts on “Drinks Too Much

  1. don't call me MA'AM

    I liked Craig Kilborn on the Daily Show. In fact (and I’m about to spew blasphemous text), I think I preferred him to Jon Stewart. It was just so much more laid back and fun with Kilborn… even though he’s a total egomaniac.

    Mmm… waffley snow. Need some of that.

  2. Margus

    I thought that too DC3M at first. I was like nobody can replace the Craigmeister. But as it turned out somebody could, and his name is John Stewart.

    Today that same pile of snow smelt like carmel popcorn

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