Does Anybody Know..

Who painted this?

Why it’s considered a major piece in art history?

Does anybody think that they could have painted this?

Vaginas, Virgils, SUVs, Iraq, Beer Bongs?

6 thoughts on “Does Anybody Know..

  1. don't call me MA'AM

    I think that’s Malevich. My only guess, from what I know about abstract art, is that it had a lot to do with being an artist under the oppressive Soviet rule. A lot of the purist abstracts could symbolize issues without being terribly obvious, thereby causing problems for the artist with the government.

    Oh, god. Just kill me now. I’m sure you were looking for a smart ass answer, and not my egghead, bloated ego response.

    Ummm… it’s significant because it symbolizes that art is stupid. Yay! That’s the answer!!!

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