Would it be wrong to say that I want to make-out with my art history teacher.  Nothing else, just make out, she could even give me a “C” I wouldn’t care.

So, we went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art today for class.  I love this place, it’s huge, full of all types of art, and it’s usually free.

It snowed today, and guess what, I got to ride over there with J.  I almost fell over ever other minute I rode over there, and J fell only once.

Anyway to make a very long story short.  Saw a lot of good American art;  Blume, O’Keefe, Roszak, Tooker, Wood, Cadmus, Shahn, Davis, Murphy, Schambrug, Mauier, & Blumner.  I think my favorite was O’Keefe’s, “Cross with Red Heart”

This gives you an idea of what it looked like, but it’s not even close to the real thing.  It’s really shaped like that, but framed in a cherry colored wood – with the arch in all, and is at least 7 feet tall and 40 times as vibrant.

After the museum, it was 2-for-1’s at Rudolphs.  5-7 & 10-close.  We hit both time periods, so if this post doesn’t make any sense, you know why.

guess what it still looks like outside…

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