There is a new-new gangsta ass track that will be shared as soon as I get it.  They also played the original gangsta ass track along with some good oldies.

I saw:

this kid, sans dad.  Which means I did something right whilst handing all that shit out.  I also saw three cats from Kato, one of whom I haven’t seen since the last time I was in Colorado and have know since he was in pre-school.  Jake was there, and so was his girl.  I also saw: Dude who looks like Sam, only with longer hair.  Who I always see at shows, at get this, Richard says that he was her “first” boyfriend, or something crazy like that.  GOLD, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES, GOLD!

6 thoughts on “STS9

  1. Anonymous

    ben, thats a shitty picture, what..were you drunk???? reminds me of the white stripe picts you took with my camera.


  2. Sung Sook

    Swear on my life. His name is Ross. Jenny liked him first and met him first when they worked together at Perkin’s. I worked at a coffee shop and he was friends with girls I worked with. One thing led to another and we dated for two months until he dumped my ass because I wouldn’t put out. Since I was, you know, sixteen.

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