Exploring the Arctic with Chairman Mao

1. the Current Listener apperication paty
lots of old people trying to be cool

2. Shothouse
$8 my ass

3. Pizza Luce
Best bar ever.

4. Glueks

5. Some guy with a huge foam cowboy hat’s house

6. Waking up on my floor with my rain-pants on
really drunk.

5 thoughts on “Exploring the Arctic with Chairman Mao

  1. Sung Sook

    Funny… Chairman Mao kind of looks Korean.

    I thought you were going to edit out my second chin…

    Post the other pictures, fool. You know you’re wrecked when you take down a coagulated Irish car bomb. GOLD!

    “Are you ready to go explore the arctic, Mindy?”

    “No more ‘Bunny’… that’s twice now…”

    “We’ll have none of that! Walk over there!”


  2. Margus

    My rain pants are an extension of my body in the winter, or something like that DC3M

    And as long as you weren’t there chris and my pants were off, it would be a good thing.

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