Night Riders.

This is for KB

In due time we will see “Night Riders” a blog dedicated to riding your bike at night, and all the experiences that you encounter.

Tonight, Going backward; Someone stole my fucking rear fender.  To who ever that was, I hope that it gets stuck in your wheel in the middle of traffic and a bus runs over your fucking head.  After that a bum will steal all of you change and then piss all over your head.  FUCKTARD.

Before that there was Rudolf’s – cheap drinks.  Next we had Chevilles, a classy strip joint in the heart of down town.  Very, very attractive women and $8 beers.  On the way there we ran into some old stupid yuppies that told John that he should be riding this contarption…

..”in the street where you belong.”  GO BACK TO THE SUBURBS YOU STUPID OLD FUCKS, AND TAKE YOUR SUV’s WITH YOU.  Before that was Origami; with it’s $2 beers, and super cheap sushi.

8 thoughts on “Night Riders.

  1. don't call me MA'AM

    Someone stole your fender? What would possess someone to steal a fender? was it made of gold? platinum?

    That first photo of bearded/dred-guy… that is a REALLY cool shot. I love the angle, the night lighting. Seriously, very cool.

  2. don't call me MA'AM

    I went to high school with some guys who, up to their senior year, were the straightest, most clean-cut guys you’d ever meet.

    Senior year, they started “shopping.” They’d break into people’s houses just to steal meaningless shit… a frisbee, a lamp shade, some stupid kitschy figurine. They thought they were so tough. Then they got caught, put in jail, and lost their scholarships to prestigious schools. Total dumbshits.

  3. Brian

    On behalf of of all stupid old yuppie fucktards everywhere, I appologize for the unfortunate comments made about your buddy’s bike. Rest assured, the yuppie enforcement committee will look into this matter.

  4. Margus

    brian these people were old like 65/70 and would have been pissed of if we were in the street while they were in there car. Lose-Lose situation for them no matter where we were.

    But thanks, I’d suggest some sort of tar & feathering from the committee.

    DC3M – I’m from the suburbs and I’m not a yuppie fucktard

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