Riding a Bike is For Losers.

Or so some dumb bitch told me as she drove by me in her rusted out Ford on the U of M campus tonight.  Really; because I thought cars are for Nazis, or at least for stupid ass college girls that drive them from three blocks away to campus and pay $10 to park.

So go see STS9 they have a new website, and are playing February 7th, at the Fine Line Music Cafe

12 thoughts on “Riding a Bike is For Losers.

  1. don't call me MA'AM

    Maybe you should have her impaled. It could be in your future as a Minnesota resident. hahaha

    Sometimes, I react to people like that… sometimes I don’t. If we had to have a retort for every stupid person on the planet, we’d be out of breath. You’re cool, and we know it. 😉 (Don’t you think it would be wise of states to enact a Stupid Tax? If you drive only across campus to pay a $10 parking fee when you really could have walked or biked, you owe the State of Minnesota $500 in stupid fines.)

  2. Margus

    Rich, I’ve alread bought my ticket, and will probably get at least one for promoting. BeanDip & Jrock are going, so we might be able to meet at her house downtown, I hope.

    and DC3M (that’s how I’m going to start abv. your name.) impaled would be cool, but I’m just satisfied with the fact that she will probably drop out of school, marry a meth head and live the rest of her life in a trailer with 16 children.

  3. dolly

    this is kinda off topic but since im too far away to go to this alleged “concert” i instead would like to ask you if you comb your beard because it looks very neat and tidy lately.

  4. dolly

    those last two comments had a lot of typos so i deleted them.

    here’s what i wanted to say (i proofread this time):

    i like how jurgen nation said that she was TOO LAZY TO HYPERLINK because that sounds SOOOOO futuristic but it’s contemporary and it makes me think how neat it is to live in The Year 2006 and also makes me feel like im on star trek.

    im going back to the dollhouse now. bye.

  5. Margus

    comb my beard, Dolly? Fuck, I’m lucky if my hair gets combed in the winter. Does it looked groomed? What about my new hat? isn’t it sexy?

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