A Very Wise, Very Drunk Man Once Said,

“Transit Cops can’t pull you over.”  Well he was wrong, and almost arrested.

Now here’s another one for you, “Cops won’t pull you over if you’re riding a bike.”  Also wrong.

That’s right folks, BeanDip and myself just got pulled over on our way home from the PT.  And not for the reason most of you are thinking, because we weren’t drunk or bleeding.  Apparently we fit the description of thieves that rob construction sites.  Luckily neither of us has anything outstanding, because I definitively would not be typing this if that were the the case.  All I have to say about that is thank GOD we didn’t get BUI’s, because if that shit happened, I’d fucking rampage.

6 thoughts on “A Very Wise, Very Drunk Man Once Said,

  1. don't call me MA'AM

    Yeah… that’s because you both comment on MY blog. Woot!

    How hilarious about the cop thing. I’m sure you didn’t find it too funny at the time, though. I would have been shitting. All you would have to do, though, is show them your picture in your profile… you’re WAY too sweet and innocent to be doing anything illegal!

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