Drop Bears

“Unusually large, vicious, carnivorous bears that inhabit treetops and attack their prey by dropping onto their heads from above.”

13 thoughts on “Drop Bears

  1. don't call me MA'AM

    Are they related to Gummi Bears? Not those piece-of-shit cartoon Gummi Bears that once upon a time invaded Saturday morning tv… no the sweet, gooey, GOODNESS Gummi Bears?

    ignore me, I’m drunk.

  2. Margus

    Huzzah! for drunk blogging! A new Olympic sport will be born soon.

    Richard, are you sure that it’s not the other way around

    Way more than Twice.

  3. Anonymous

    I attacked one once. Damn thing was spilling beer all over. All you have to do is shove thier doo rag into their throat and they calm down fast.

  4. Anonymous

    Kind of wondering what your left hand is doing? I can’t really tell but you look like your enjoying yourself.

    I can take a on a drop bear and win…
    That fan isn’t in working order as of right now. I am. I beat it!

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