Black or White

First off – no pictures – too late.

It is now 4:45 am. Sunday Morning on the 8th of January.

Kest/West = 8 people there and most of them where drunk and knew Misty.  I know I might have said this before, but these guys fucking rock the goddamn house.  Seriously last night they played for maybe 2 hours, and buy the end there was 5 people there – A Wife, A Dad, An Old Neighbor, A Student & The Bartender.  Do you think that this stopped them, hell no – they kicked it up another notch.  Their second set was one of the best I’ve seen them play in a while.  The started off with some tripped out space-age hippie music (just as I was walking out from going to the bathroom) brought it up with some sweet solo jams which turned into an arena rock session and finished it up with some funky jazz.

White Castle = First actuall experience with the WC.  Waiting for order, drunk girl comes in, and the first words out of her mouth, “DAMN, this place smells.”

Some sort of party in a warehouse full of artists, hippies, and rockstars.  Seriously there was that crazy artist Scott Seekins who used to come in to my work and make copies, Matt – of Matt & Tony.  They were getting up to leave and I said to myself, “That’s Matt, no – can’t be.” It was.  And to wrap it up there was that drunken bike ride home.  …Good Stuff.

I almost forgot to tell you I met some kid who told me that he liked to take roofies, to get high. Conversation went something like this:
roofie man: Ya so I like to take roofies to get fucked up.
me: Don’t those things make you black out so people can take advantage of you?
roofieman: Not if your used to taking alot of drugs…
me: (cutting him off) What like cracked out e-tard whores?
roofieman: …like I do.
me: Oh.
roofieman Ya so I like to take them and have sex with people, like taking them so people can take advantage of me.
me: sweet dude, I’m going to get another beer.

What – The – Fuck?!