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CD Release Party – February 16th.
CD In Stores – February 20th.

Playing with 420 Allstars and Keston and Westdal.
I guess I don’t need to go into why you need to see Keston and Westdal.
As for JAYSBOATCAR, let me refer you to a previous post.
And the 420 Allstars…here’s a little anecdote.

The only thing I can remember about the 420 Allstars is seeing them play live with a band called Felix Feelin on April 20th. ┬áStanding in a tiny side room of a record shop in St. Paul, that would make a normal trailer home look like a mansion, We listened to them cover “Low Rider” as they passed a holiday bowl of jeebs around the room for everyone to enjoy. ┬áBeing right upfront I remember passing it back and forth with the lead singer many times before it went back around the room again.
~one very unbearded, underage hippie

The Mint Tea was Rather Minty


Finished Class on Thurday, which means I have a three week break. Even though I’ll probably spend most of it working, it will be nice to not have an fucking homework to do. Plus I’m going to Virginia next Wednesday. Tuesday is the Deftones at first ave, hopefully I won’t get as hammer wasted as I did last Thursday when I saw Medeski, Martin & Wood and wandered around Minneapolis looking for my bike which was a block away.

Chris you may notice that it says North, not North East two posts down. The KCK is back up and running with music, so that means Keston and Westdal are back as well. Went last night and got kinda drunk. Some peeps from work/new roomates showed up and broke it down.


Once again.

I saw Medeski Martin & Wood (with Scofield) last night. Pretty damn good.
Got Drunk enough so that I was wandering around Minneapolis.
Left my Credit Card somewhere.
I still can’t play ping pong when I’m drunk.

myArray = new Array( );

nerdly nerdson

So I’m a huge nerd, and it’ 14 degrees outside – which according to my sweet digital thermometer is colder than it ever got last year. This I doubt, but still that’s fucking cold. Good thing I got a bunch of new winter gear for my birthday.

Urchin: A band – Sounds like Boards of Canada.