Wheels of Steele

I’m not really sure if today(or yesterday as it were) sucked or not.

Today(yesterday) started off like most days have started off recently, at a bar at 12:01. This part was ok, there was a band and lesbians. It was however snowing like a bastard out, and I had to ride home in it, this was not ok. Came back here to 2 drunk girls laying on my floor and drinking my milk, not too happy about the latter.

I had to wake up early to get my car from Tire Plus, because it had a nail in the tire, bad. But I some how managed to get it fixed for free, good. I also had to get up early to print of a tri-fold for a client at Bean-dips, bad – he never answered.

So I had to go to Kinkos, always bad. Spent $11 printing one 8.5 x 11, very bad. Got back to my car and ran into some old lady’s car, bad for me, worse for her. No damage to the Jetta, her car on the other hand is a little fucked, could be bad for me – insurance wise.

I made it to my meeting on time, ate a club sandwich and showed client my work, good. He likes, and needs to show his boss, good. Came back home and have been here ever since. Nap, shower, movie, food – all good.

5 thoughts on “Wheels of Steele

  1. Brian

    Seems to me, in my humble opinion, that a little milk is a small price to pay to find two drunk girls lying on your floor. Just sayin…

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