Today is Monday

And the start of my three week vacation from school.  I’ve got to pick-up the Mangina from the airport at 2:30.  From there I would bet the farm that there will be drinks.  And tomorrow is the day.

There are three things, possibly four things that these two need to play a good game of pong.

1. Practice
2. Room to maneuver
3. Not too much booze.
4. This maybe only true for one: A bunch of dope.

Now if you can guess which one we did have, then you might have an idea why we almost lost to some shmuck and his girlfriend in doubles.  I said almost, because we did take the best of three, but it wasn’t a pretty sight.  I guess what I’m getting at is that I need a table again, or become friends with someone who has one, because I am fucking rusty.

On a completely unrelated topic, another one says farewell to Minneapolis.

Thanks for the hour of free drinking, and good luck in DC.

6 thoughts on “Today is Monday

  1. dolly

    ping pong is sexy. i once wrote a short story about a little man whose name was Ping Pong. He got into some adventures near the Yangze River, and there were hilarious consequences.

    ps the beard looks fantastic. congratulations on being fantastic-looking.

  2. Margus

    Damn straigt ping-pong is sexy! and thanks, I do what i can. 🙂

    On a side note, sex on a ping-pong table usually results in the breaking of said table. Just some cautionary advice for anybody who’s reading this.

  3. Sung Sook

    Word around the campfire is that having sex on a pool table can result in the pool table collapsing. That, and drama. Luckily you guys only had one of the two.

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