Longest Weekend Ever.

I’m making shirts out of this shit.  I don’t know how but someday, clothes will be made with fibger optic thread that displays video.

Does anybody out there have a Awia or Sony CD Player that was maed recently, say in the last 3 years? I have one in my car >>>>>that one over there that one of you should buy>>>>>>>>>>>>.  We’ll get back to that.  So Sony/BMG/most over labels owned by have been caught in a litte tiff about installing “spyware” on people computer in an effort to sqaush digital piracy. What I want to konw is if they did something to the their players.  My player in my car will not play CD’s after I import them into my computer.

1. Purchase CD for local retailer.
2. Use teeth to get plastic of the CD
3. Put it in player and listen to it on the way home.
4. Get home, import
5. Next day try to listen to new CD in car, no dice.

To my knowledege this only happens with CDs that where made recently, and by SONY/BMG. It really irks me, and I need to get to the bottom of this.