I Only Fell Twice, & …

I smell like cabbage.

We’ll get back to that in a minute. So not only did I run into; someone I used to work with back at the FUCK SHOW, my mother’s next door neighboor, Bean Dip’s girlfriend, I ran into someone I’ve know about only through blogging.  Richard’s friend Bryan.  Didn’t chat much cause I was late to class, but seemed about right.  The only thing I thought was off, was that I thought he was taller than me for some reason, but I’d say we’re the same height. So now all I need to do is go to Vancouver, Alaska, and New York and I think I’ll be set.

So I stink like ass.  That’s because I just back from the Kitty Cat Club where the always fantastic Keston & Westdal >>>>>> played. Tonight’s set was; dope, ill, slamin’, tight & off the chain. Especially the second set, which they played with DJ Zen Rock, aka: “Knows what’s up with Pabst.” You could see the energy flow while they were playing, the whole trio was groving – very good set.

Wait, stinking like ass has nothing to do with seeing them play, riding home in a quality snow fall is what atributes to that.  And yes I did fall twice; once because I was going way too fast down a hill and hit some pot holes and my bike slid out from under me, and a second time to possibly stay un-plowed into by a car. So my bike is full of snow..

my thumb kinda hurts from falling that second time, were a lady actually asked me if I was alright.  Which is funny because all I could do was laugh and say yes.

So I’m home in one piece and my pancaking feet are dry!

If you have any need to buy new shoes, buy these. I was wearing them around the other day when it was around 11 degress with no socks on and my feet didn’t get cold for one second.

3 thoughts on “I Only Fell Twice, & …

  1. dolly

    ya vancouver!! nothing says awesome like vancouver. bring the waterproof shoes and a tshirt. it was so sunny here today it looked like summer

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