JC & the boys.

It seems that I’m contradicting myself about posting without photos. But be advised, I have a $400 gift cert to MC to buy the SD400.

THis post should really be called 11 stupid drunks, 1 old pot-head and a recovering alcoholic in a pear tree, but it’s not – because you really don’t know what I’m talking about, again.

Today’s lesson:
Don’t do meth. plain and simple, don’t do meth – it sucks.

I don’t know anything about the drug, but I met at least two people today that by a mere encounter with, could disway anybody from doing it. Do you like your teeth?

I usually listen attentively when older people are talking, and today was no exception. Did you know that during prohabiton – St. Cloud didn’t close a single bar?  I didn’t either, but I paid $80 to find that out.

A ROSE IS A ROSE IS A ROSE history repeating

2 thoughts on “JC & the boys.

  1. morealyera

    meth = bad, teeth = good.

    I heard a report on NPR about meth users in prison and how much dental work had to be done just so they could *eat*… using the drug had turned their teeth into little mushy, pulpy stubs that would randomly fall out or snap off.

    Yup, there’s incentive. Guess I’ll continue to self-medicate with beer. 🙂

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