3 thoughts on “…and then he goes home with a 19 year old.

  1. Chitney

    Btw, Margus, you are one big hypocrite for posting that above comment.

    What am I talking about?

    You guys, look at what this moron wrote IN HIS OWN BLOG PROFILE:

    “The views and opinons of this blog are mine and mine alone. So if you have a problem – leave and don’t come back, because I’m sick of that one kid in the corner ruining the pizza party for the rest of the class.”

    OMG, aahahaha! Loser.

  2. Margus


    obviously you’ve missed the point here. Why call the cops, when you can come down and knock on my door and ask me to turn the music down?

    All I was offering was a simple solution, to a simple problem. You have a certain distaste for Tom Cruise’s antics. All you have to do is stop posting about him, reading magazine articles about him, and watching E! True Hollywood stories about him and his silly little antics disapear. Why add fuel to his fire?

    Yell at the top of your lungs


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