Tuesday Morning – Early

There is so much crazy shit on the internet, and I love it all.

Sunday night I went to see Weezer & The Foo Fighters. [cough]for free[/cough] And I’d like to say that even though Weezer played that stupid Beverly Hills song, which in all actuallity was awesome – squak box and sweet jamband esc solos(keys & guitars), making the song 10 minutes long. I enjoyed their set the best. Not to say that The Foo Fighters didn’t rock the pancake out, but I’ve seen them play 3 times now. Weezer was just a little funkier/fresher – something someone can dance to.

Monday (today, sortof)
I started school.  Again.  I have three classes – two of which are “multimedia” based and the other is a general.  I still don’t have a job, but am hoping to take care of that tomorrow.

So anybody who wants to buy a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon with 25k on it let me know, because as much as I love her she’s got to go.

This is the only pic I have of her, not very good, but she definitely can hold a bunch of shit. *Roof Rack included.

Just about ready to get a new camera, and then another new camera. By this time hopefully my new bike will be here in one piece. I was reading today that UPS sucks balls and that FedEx is the way to go. We’ll have to wait and see.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning – Early

  1. Margus

    I’d be glad to give you my email address, if you would be so kind to share some of your information with me first. Perhaps a name?

    thank you

  2. morealyera

    I’d love to see you start your own photo studio margus… you have a lot of talent with a camera!

    Freelance work through college may be the way to go. Have you thought about whipping up some postcards for your GD services and sending them out to local businesses? It works really well. I can PM you some links if you’re interested.

    Hope school’s going well. I would love to go back too!

  3. Margus

    I have thought about postcards, but right now I have a good number of projcet going, so maybe when things slow down.

    School going good, I’m learning Action Scripting in Flash – which is super cool.

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