Backyard Blues

Third time doing this, so here are the pics and maybe I’ll tell you about it later.

Cool Disposition

The harmonica player has a radio show on KFAI 90.3 & 106.7 for all you in the Twin Cities.

This is my friend’s backyard
Cool Disposition is a blues band that rocks the house, or backyard as it were. There was a lot of people at this party that I hadn’t seen in a long time, and I got; Who are you? I haven’t seen you since you were this big (lowers hand to waist level). I thought you were you dad. And a whole bunch of other stuff people that are older than you say when you haven’t seen them in a long time.

Lots of little kids at this shin-dig. Most of them were covered in chocolate by days end, I know I was at one point. One of the not so little kids, 12 maybe beat me in ping-pong 600-6 (every time I scored 1, she got 100. Seemed fair at the time), which to say the least is not an improvement from the ass-whooping I gave China at the cabin last weekend. 26 games to 1.