Bad Pun

Ya, I’ve been real “blogged” down lately and as I type this there is a little child that is screaming. Right on que actually, I don’t know what the hell it’s parents are doing to it; giving it a bath, putting it to bed, trying to feed it, beating it? I’m not sure and I don’t really care. As long as they’re the ones who called the cops on me because I fell asleep at my desk listening to the radio then I’ll have something for them next time.

Let’s see my camera’s busted. Word of advice to any late season fair goers, don’t take your camera on the scarmbler. This is the main reason I haven’t posted anything for a while, because I hate reading blogs with out pictures. Call it a short attention span, call it an aesthetic issue, call it whatever you will, but I will not post without at least on pic. Hold fast fellow bloggers, I’m working on getting a new one, possibly the SD400. UPGRADE!

Heidi is staying with me untill she finishes her GRE testing/studying (I have no idea but she has a ten pound book she’s reading) because she moved out of her appartment at the end of August. I think she has more stuff here than I do.

Been trying to do alot of freelance work lately; mailers, logos, marketing pieces, websites, the whole works, but the next time I hear someone say I need this as soon as possible and then fall of the face of the earth, I’m finished. (doubtfull)

Took this on a outing while I was trying to get ideas for yet another title company logo. Do you think Llyod still owns all those dumpsters.

Two VERY IMPORTANT things I learned (not really learned, just re-established) on Labor Day Weekend.

1. Never-ever-ever-ever give kids any type of gun that could injure you or themselves , especially unsupervised.
2. Lunch meat soaked in barbeque sauce IS NOT “Barbequed Ham” it’s about as white-trash as Spam cut up in your Mac & Cheese.

What else do I have…………..Oh ya! There’s a huge fucking spider in my appartment. About the size of a 50 cent piece (G-UNIT!) I saw it crawl down the wall into the heat vent before I could kill it. Actually I saw it and jumped to the other side of the room in about 1/2 a second. So by the time I got back with my centipede killing shoes, it was gone, and I’ve yet to see it since. I think it has babies too, so I’ve got this small scale Arachnophobia thing going on in my appartment. Where’s John Goodman when you need him?

So that pretty much brings us up to speed. My face is healing and I still hate my job, so where pretty much right back on track. But don’t forget Monday is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.


….You forgot one thing….I’m Captain Jack Sparrow.

Wait, hold on a sec I remember why I haven’t posted in a while. I found internet crack

2 thoughts on “Bad Pun

  1. morealyera

    Good for you for getting a grip on the business side of things… mine is moving along so slowly that I’ll be lucky to have any mailers out this year…

    Ah well. Here’s to Monday! Arrr. 😉

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