10 Questions for Anybody

1. What’s the point of riding your bike with your helmet dangling from your handle bars and not on your head where it would serve it’s purpose?

2. Does anybody listen to Dusty Springfield anymore?

3. Why the hell can’t they sell regular beer in grocery stores & gas stations in Minnesota till..I don’t know, say 12:00?

4. If you had to pick between the Beatles and Led Zeppelin – who is the greatest band that has ever existed?

5. When do we get our flying cars?

6. Is anyone even reading this?

7. If somebody gave you a billion dollars on the condition that you had to live like the Amish, with no modern amenities, could you? And if so, what would you spend your billion dollars on?

8. Pancakes or Waffles?

9. Beer or Whiskey?

10. Have you ever eaten Emu?

6 thoughts on “10 Questions for Anybody

  1. Sung Sook

    1. Pissing Ben off.
    2. Sometimes.
    3. Now that is a damn good question.
    4. Richard Marx and the Richard Marx Sound Explosion.
    5. Probably not in this lifetime. Maybe our great-great-grandchildren’s children’s children.
    6. Yes.
    7. No.
    8. Pancakes, definitely pancakes.
    9. Beer.
    10. No, but I’ve seen several emu farms.

  2. morealyera

    1. dunno!
    2. you don’t have to say you love me…
    3. they let us buy beer any day of the week in NY (but not until noon on Sunday)
    4. THE BEATLES! My dad and his guitar raised me on the Beatles, so I’m biased.
    5. 2008. And they will run on corn.
    6. I am.
    7. Um… can I agree, then spend as much of the billion as I can before they catch me?
    8. pancakes, baby.
    9. beer.
    10. no, but I patted one once. 😀

  3. Margus

    Lins, your right, they do it just to piss me off. And Richard Marx and his damn monkeys are not an option.

    morea, if the flying cars run on corn, wouldn’t that mean corn is just one step closer to completing it’s fiendish plan of taking over the Earth?!

  4. morealyera

    no, it means that we will harness their energy while simultaneously destroying them before they are able to overtake us. I should ponder this theory more deeply – but for that I need beer. *runs off in search of beer*

  5. Neuro

    1. – Maybe it was an expensive bike and you want to protect those “bling, bling” handle bars?

    2. – Who?

    3. – Because they don’t want the ministers drunk before service!!

    4. – The Beatles, who the hell else could be that great and pull off those haircuts.

    5. – As soon as jet fuel costs less. So next week sounds about right.

    6. – Nope, not me!

    7. – Amish are allowed to have money?? Just kidding, I would hold a huge conference and convince all of them that we need the damn electricity for the net!!

    8. – Pancakes baby! Oh wait, you mean the food…hmmm

    9. – Beer, cheap stuff at that.

    10. – That sounds dirty.

  6. Sung Sook

    Whatever. Richie and The Richard Marx Sound Explosion are always an option. I didn’t even mention his monkeys, but they are also an option. Wait, what are we talking about?

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