Longest Post Ever

Anacortes, Washington: July 26 – August 2

July 26
Arrived in Seattle, WA around 8pm. 2 hour drive to Anacortes, fell asleep in the mini van. Arrive at Janice’s house – 10:18pm. See Tim for the first time in 5 years, (last time was when I graduated highschool. Doug (Tim(18) & Emily’s(19) Dad) has left for Eastern Washington (Pullman?) to help Emily move.

Saw Doug (Tim’s dad, Janice’s husband) for the first time in ten years-at least. Had a few MGD’s. Parents go to bed, have a few more MGD’s with Tim and watch some snowboard videos-go to be around 3:30am (successfully been up for 23:30 hrs.)

July 27
Woke up around 11am. Tim was at work. Janice had decided that we were to meet him for lunch at a local deli. He wasn’t there when we showed up 20mins late. Ordered some grub and Tim showed up – done with work. Tim eyes some kids across the deli that he knows, they’re going cliff jumping at Wistle Lake. Guess what we rush home to do? Wistle Lake is a 30min hike from the parking lot. We get there, and the first cliff is about 20ft high, max. Tim jumps off before I know there’s a cliff. I eye it up and jump off. I try to get my sister to jump off, she won’t. She climbs down the side and we swim over to the other side which houses a 30ft and a 40ft cliff. We bypass the 30ft cliff and head straight to the 40ft. Tim is off it before we know what is going on. I follow suit and so do a couple more kids that are hanging out. Now my sister(16)is left hanging out at the top, “Should I jump.” We replie in unision, “HELL YA!” A few minutes more of persuading, and she throws her flipflops off the cliff. “You’ve got to jump now!” yells Tim. Two seconds later she’s off, and two-three more later she’s smacking her ass on the water below. My 16 year old sister just showed up a bunch of boys, some older than she is. She wouldn’t jump off the first one, but hurls herself off the biggest one available. HELL YA! The rest of the day was tributed to telling that story and drinking beer.

July 28
Wake up. Mother, Aunt(Janice) and Sister have left to go shopping. Decide to go explore downtown Anacortes. Walked to the Anacortes Museum that no one was attending. Left museum. Bought a roll of 36 exposure B&W film for $12. Ate some pretty good Mexican food, then walked down to on of the harbors.

There was a park at the end next to the water, I took some pics with the digi & the 35mm.

This kid was chasing his dog, trying to get his frisbee back. A little backwards if you ask me. Walked down on the dock and took some B&W pic(to be posted later) of Mt. Baker. Walking back on the warf I saw numerous boats(ships?)

whatever you wish, there was a ton, and they were way bigger than the 20 Lunds here in Minnesota. Left the marina and started to walk back home and ran into a silly little sight

A Full loaf of bread just chillin’ Don’t see that very often. Get back in time to eat some birthday dinner-Doug is 55! After dinner go to hangout with the youngings and kick some ass in pool and end up buying 3 twelvers of Natty Ice for the kids.

July 29
Woke up at my cousins friends house without a shirt, and without my hat. Found my shirt, didn’t find my hat, but got a ride home. Needless to say I’m hung the fuck over. Everyone Else but Doug leaves or is working. He covinces me to go to town with him to help him find a bolt that will fit Emily’s compter desk. We get to ACE hardware and it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. After that we go visit Tim, who works as a dock boy for a charter service for BIG MONEY HUSTLA’S who want to want to take out big ass boats and rock right.

Saw a seal, still drunk/hungover. Apparently these guys like to layout and sun them selfs. “At night they get out of control and shit all over the docks,” says Tim.
After we visit Tim, we go up on to Cap Sante.

That’s most of Anacortes, and the other is Mt. Baker which as I’m told is lookin good.

July 30
Just hung out at the house hung-over. My mom’s “boyfriend and his cute fanny pack stopped by (he was on a cross-country bike ride, and just happened to be an hour away from Anacortes). Took it pretty easy, Emily had finaly made it back and we saw “Charlie & the Chocalte Factory,” which is fucking awesome. Jonny Depp is the Bee’s Knees. Went to bed early because we(Tim and I had to be up early-5am).

July 31
Woke up at 5am to got to WaterWagens, which is a Volkswagen and Audi car show in Kent, Washington. Tim, who has a Audio 90 is driving and going to enter his car in the show. As we exit off to go pick up some other car enthusiast he hits his brakes. “GBRRU-DSLKFDN-asdfla” Oh shit! we’re ging to die, no wait, a calliper bolt has fallen out of his car so he is DOA. Which sucks because he would have won second place(only three cars in his class at the show, and the third one sucked balls). Not too much into cars here, but it was pretty fun. Saw some wicked natty-statties.

I also got to ride in the new 2006 Volkswagen GTI (not release here yet, and a right drive)

and it was sick as hell! Going 105mph and flin’ around corners going about 80mph. Did this twice. Once in the GTI & again in the GLI. On our way home, after seeing cars worth big bucks, I see the the “sweetest” car of the day.

A fucking 4-Runner that looked like it was floating without wheels down the freeway. We finally get back and Chase and Marc (other cousin and uncle, respectfully) finally made in from California. Tonight was a family-dance party. Everyone got a little drunk.

Tim has the same glasses as Wes – Balsam Specific.

August 1
So we suit up and hear the rules and regulations. Our guide, Tara is from Wisconsin and is a classic example of a “head”

Here are Chase and Mark starting off in the channel.

This is Doug and Tara right off of Burrows Island. Now, not to say that our guide wasn’t cool, but she was really pissing me off. Granted the sea is a monster of it’s own, but I have see some shit, and pretty much grown up in a canoe/kayak – I don’t want to be treated like some tourist fuck. I realize that she was doing her job, and I tried to explain to her my background, but she seemed a little burnt out to grasp the concept. Her is my sister holding some kelp.

One of the three types of seaweed that I saw Tara eat. I tried the kelp – not too bad, but what can you say about something that has been marinating in salt since the day it started growing.

Tara, explaining the difference between the seaweeds(and flavors).

A FUCKING STAR FISH! And it’s Purple.
We stopped on the back side of the island where there was a light house, care taker’s cabin and heliocopter landingspot.

The cabin looked like something out of “Chain Saw Massacre.” There were blackberries growing all over the place, an
d the ripe ones were delicous. Tara had also made a comment about the island being a nuclear missle silo because of the huge metal heliocopter landing space. Chase and I made comments about nuking Cananda, not sure how that went over with Tara, but we thought it was hilarious. Marc found some crabs hanging out on the rocks below.

Going back we ran into some monster swells, that we should have rode like bastards back, but Tara wanted turn around and ride them out going nowwhere. FUCK! I’ve ridin bigger waves on lakes in Canada. We finally got turned around and headed back. Going back across the bay/channel we hit a cross-current that slowed us down to a snail’s pace, but we finally made it back. Now I’ve have paddled everything; Lakes, Rivers and the mother fucking sea! Done Kayaking, we had a little BBQ. After that was over we went up the street to Rachael’s(Miller Family friend) house and Tim and I bonged some Kokanees. Danced home in the rain.

August 2
Last full day in Anacortes. Doug took us up to the top of Mt. Erie.

What a view. After we hung out there for a while he took us to Rosario beach. A beach that was made up of petrified logs and rocks so smooth that they would make Frank Sinatra look like a hobo.

Saw a lot of cool things on this beach. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. Here’s my cousin Emily. We watched some soaps together.

Passions MFer, great-great tv. Also watched the Price is Right. Dick Clark watch your back Bob Barker is comin at ‘cha! Just hung out the rest of the day. This is Winston, Rachael’s dog. He is a Welsh Corgi, and he loves to fetch. Not only that he catches the damn thing in mid-air.

August 3
Last day. And it was spent at the Airport.

Got to the Seattle Airport around 3pm. Arrived in Minneapolis at 1:30am August 4th. It was a long day, but I’d wait that long again to go back.

6 thoughts on “Longest Post Ever

  1. morealyera

    wow, that sounds like an awesome trip! Great photos… and what a beautiful place!

    I have never seen a *purple* starfish, or a rogue loaf of bread in the wild.

    Sea kayaking must have been incredible.

    Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Leanne

    Whoa looks like an awesome time! I’m still in awe about the freaking purple starfish! LOL!! That’s so cool! I love looking at your photos on GDF so I had to travel over to your blog and check it out! Really nice stuff!!

  3. Margus

    Thank you ladies. I didn’t really know that a purple starfish was a big thing, that’s the only one I’ve seen.
    Sea kayaking was wicked awesome – next time though I want go longer.

    And to the dirty Asian on the bottom, that’s my 18 year old cousin – so don’t get any ideas.

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