Skin-tight Dancers!


Man-o-man, where to begin. Alright, this was our mad-phat setup and behind it was were the isuzu rave went down on Sunday morning.

We rolled in on Friday morning at 8 am to see some of the Kato-crew who were still up. ..shit I am just in a daze, so let see if I can highlight the good stuff.

Here’s my main man tryin to make it back to Colorado.

And what would a festival full of drunken, tripped out hippies be without the poster child for “Out of Control”

Speaking of out of control, I saw it on the back of someone’s shirt, but didn’t get to take a pic because I decided that my camera would only be used when it was light out and when I was relatively sober. So if you’re wondering, that’s why I didn’t take many pics.

I’d like to take a moment to say.


Yep that’s right, so go see Widespread Panic because they fucking rock.

Here’s who I saw (in chronological order)

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyessy
These guys played a super chill set. I only wish I would have caught their whole set.

Rusted Root
Not the best set I’ve seen from these guys, but not bad by any means. They pretty much stuck to classic Rusted Root, mostly stuff from “When I Awoke” I just wanted to hear some funky stuff off the new album like “Weave”

The Black Crows
I had to go see these guys, just to say I saw them. Didn’t pay that much attention because I was playing hack the whole time, but they sounded pretty good.

Sound Tribe Sector 9
Was off the fucking hook. This was one of the best, STS9 laid it down Gangsta style. They came out of the gate swinging. They got the crowd going right off the bat with “Kamuy” and a couple of songs later the played a sick version of “Peoples” They also played a new track that was gangsta, when I find out what it’s called I’ll let all of you know because it was awesome.

Is always great. The keyboardist is a trip, half the time I was just watching him. Don’t know much about the song details, but I can say that they kept me dancing the whole 90min set.

Widespread Panic
Widespread Rocks the fucking house. Panic dropped a bomb of funk on me, and I was lost for three hours. I’ll give it a “TEN, A FUCKIN TEN”

Is crazy. That’s the only thing that can be said about the guy, he’s fucking crazy. Quoting Will (West Kato Killa) “He’s toying with my emotions” And he did, Metal one minute and tripped out hippy shit the next. I don’t remember much, but I do remember a 300lb viking looking dude in blue underwear coming up to the mic and reading some crazy shit about baby ducks? Ya, Buckethead is crazy.

Les Claypool
First time I saw Les, and it was sweet. Top three for sure. He came out looking like Fidel Castro and just layed the funk all over us. Highlight of this set was when his sitar player pulled out a theremin and started to rock it. I was really impressed by Les and his band of crazys.

Trey Anastasio
As I said earlier – phish sucks and Trey isn’t much better. I checked it out for awhile, but decided I could be drinking beer instead, so I went back to my campsite.

Cyro Baptista
Best Set of the whole damn festival. What a way to end it. Cyro Baptista is a musical madman. I’ve never even heard of him before I checked him out at the 10k site. After reading up on him I decided that I must check him out. And man am I glad I did. Cyro and his band were bursting at the seems with energy and it was oozing into the crowd – DANCE PARTY. Highlight of this set was Cyro’s homemade, cross between a pipe organ and a drumkit, PVC pipe instrument that he played with flip flops.

peace out.

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