The Wagon Returns

REO Speedwagon, Bad Company and Jethro Tull all come to mind when I see a moustache like this. This thing was top shelf – and he knew it.
Anyway, last night was J-Rocks graduation party, and between the $150 dollars worth of booze, the 100lbs of food, and the drunk glass bottle breaking idiots in the pool area it was a good time. For now, all I can say is full of food, full of booze.

more to come.

Alright, you know your drunk when you try to get a picture with the guy with the moustache from 1981. Let’s start at the begining.

This is where we started – tons of food and tons of booze. People started to trickle in and three out of the four in that picture started to get intoxicated. An hour or so later two kids come in through the pool door, “Is J-Rock here?” to which everyone replyed, “Ummmmm – she’s around here somewhere. The shorter of the two(who had huge euro-trash style hair) replied in tune, “Well I didn’t know what she liked to drink so here – as he walks in and sets a 1.75 of Skyy and a liter of 151 on the table – “tell her I said high.” Exit stage left. MAN OF THE HOUR, hands down.

So we decided to put the vodka to use(and decided to stay the hell away from the 151). Make your own wop^

I really don’t know what the hell is going on here, but I can tell you that tequila was involved. This pretty much brings us up to speed. We had to be out by 11 so we packed up the nerf guns and garbage and headed downstairs. As I walked into J-Rocks apartment who to my surprise is sitting in the corner? It’s Wes, the not Mexican one.

Myself and wessquared decided to ride to a party about 23 blocks away – no sweat.

Enter drunks on bikes – to see drunks in laps. The rest of the night gets a little hazy at this point. I made myself a drink with a glowing ice cube in it and ran into

Left party around midnight – awoke in my bed the next morning with a scrape on my right arm probably due to some sort of bike mishap, but everything else is in it’s right place.

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