Friday, June 10th 7:44 pm.
Arrived in Madison Lake, MN.

People like to catch fish right by my ole’ buddy Bleth’s lake house.

Friday, June 10th 9:30 pm.
Pulled over for doing 46 in a 30 by a bastard cop who was sitting completely in the dark behind a 45 mile an hour road sign. “But it said 45 mph,” “Well it’s 30 back there.” Speeding tickets are cool, DUI’s are not. I took one for the team, it’s alright.

Friday, June 10th 10:10pm.
Arrived at Zitty’s cabin………

……what a wonderful sight.

Friday, June 10th 10:55 pm.
Started playing waterfall(or catagories)

Friday, June 10th 11:35 pm.
Sholly is dared to walk across this,

naked. But keep in mind it’s pitch fucking dark down there, so it looked a little more like this.

Friday, June 11th 12:00.46am.
Zitty is dared to jump in the lake, clothing on/off it doesn’t matter.

Why wouldn’t you do it naked?

Friday, June 11th 12:37am.
Zitty is in full effect – There’s three cards left.

1 card to go – Bleth has to drink a rocks glass full of grey goose, shmeez has to match it with silver wolf. 15 minutes later everybody is passing out.

Friday, June 11th 1:41am.
Last known where-abouts of my glasses, on my face.

Some time during the night they were haversnatched.