Just like Ice Cube said…

So I woke up this morning around 4am, and I was getting rained on. I left my window open an inch – two tops and it was just poundin in. I closed it, but left a crack open. 20 minuets later I’m getting rained on again, this time it’s shut. Inbetween 4 and 8:30am I was having the strangest dream about whether or not I should call in to work – (sick, tired, not coming in what-so-ever). It obviously had somesort of effect on me because I woke up at 8:30 – the very time I have to be at work. So I got up and drove my car to work. On my way, there are electrical workers out and about fixing things on about every 4th block, stop lights aren’t working and traffic is backed up because of this. So I end up at work at 9, 30min late and I decide to pull around back as to maybe go unnoticed at being half an hour late to work. As I pull in, my boss and around 5 other people are hanging out by the back dock door. Apparently we don’t have any power. So six hours later of doing just about nothing, I get to drive home. Sometimes I wonder why I own a car. It took me 1 hour to go what it usualy takes me 25 via bicycle because of this..

Apparently this little guy hasn’t been reset or what ever it means when stop lights blink red. It backed up traffic for at least a mile.

So I get home and B.B gives me a call.

and says the Heiruspecs

are playing at Peavy Plaza. HELL YA! These guys rock the house. Fresh(sort of) off a tour with Lyrics Born – Twinkie Jiggles threw some “Callin Out” and “Pack Up” bass lines down for the crowd as well as some other great tracks. Bean-Dip and J-Rock were there and had pre-mixed me a Sailor and Coke (You guys rock). While enjoying the show I got to see first hand the “Asian Photography Technique”

Linsay, you with me on this one? I also saw a kid that was in my Cub Scouts Den – Who went to my college and delivers me pizza. I didn’t know this kid was who he was until my buddy from Colorado/Mankato saw him last time he was in town and was like, “That’s so-in-so, he was in Cub Scouts with us.” So that is pretty random. After I got home I went to rainbow and ran across..

..which to say the least freaks me out – I guess the dream/might of actually happened – that occured a couple of weeks ago probably actuall did happen (DIE YUPPIE SCUM, DIE IN YOUR HEARTS, DIE!) Ya I woke up to that and told myself it was a dream so I could go back to sleep. Anyway on to rainbow. As I’m walking down the street the pod pulls into the parking lot.

Not only is this a mean ass machine, the guy who drives it wears a green unitard with denim hot pants, cowboy boots, an old school silver motorcylce helmet, and a FUCKING CAPE! Man I wanted to take a picture of him so bad, but I didn’t really want to seem like a dick, “HEY CHECK OUT THIS FUCKER. HA HA YOU WEIRD FUCKER.” No didn’t want to be that guy.

And to top it all off as I was getting in from the store afformentioned friend from Colorado/Mankato calls and says, “Hey, I’m in Minnesota, want to come to my parents lake house this weekend, get fucked up and wake board.” Yes, yes I do. So all in pancaking all……….

…………………………………TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY!

2 thoughts on “Just like Ice Cube said…

  1. Sung Sook

    Oh hell yes. Did I ever show you that picture of Asian photography techniques? Something tells me I did. Your picture is GOLD, Bunjamin.

    Sounds like a fun day. Probably because of the pod.

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