If only it was that easy.

So much to talk about this morning while I’m not working (still at work though). Let’s see, this weekend was awesome. Friday night rode bike to St. Paul. Saturday morning rode bike back to Minneapolis in the rain. Oh man was I wet. Saturday rode bike downtown to Luce for some fuel. Then rode {I keep typing road instead of rode. Seems like a bad pun trying to come out.} bike around the Mighty Mississippi. The total trip was probably, as Bean-Dip describes it, about 15 miles. Good clean fun (sort of) and exactly what I was looking to do this weekend. Sunday Naomi and I went to Grand Old Days.

250,000 people, 30 blocks, one day. First time that I’ve ever been, it was pretty cool. Kinda like the fair with out rides or ridiculous marketing attractions. HarMar Superstar played.

not a very good pic of the Ron Jeremy look-a-like, but for those of you who know him, you get the idea. For what it was worth it was a fun set, but it started to rain and I really don’t care that much to get that wet so I went into the bar and got me some Hendricks. It stopped raining so N and I decided that it was time to leave. On the way back I ran into these..

I’d like to mention that I bought 5 raffle tickets for afformentioned canoe. So if I win – I think I’ll cream my pants, because it was a beautiful hand-made canoe. I’ll post a pic of it if I win, but I can’t promise that I won’t be humping it.

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  1. Sung Sook

    There’s a Dave Chappelle skit on the 2nd season that you have to see. I can help you with the “must see” part because I own it. But yeah, it involves getting “the itis”. Beware. I heard it’s worse than “the rrhea”, but not as severe as The Stockards.

    Long live the Dirty Asian Dildo.

    “INAPPROPRIATE!” – Clive Owens’ Inappropriate Response Channel

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